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Vitalea Science, Inc.

Vitalea Science is a global bioanalytical contract research organization that uses Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology to dramatically reduce the timeline to bring new drugs to market.


Vitalea has a proven record with complex analyses and extensive expertise over a broad range of 14C dosing designs, populations and routes of delivery.  Studies routinely performed include the following:   

  • Absolute bioavailability in a single test design
  • Quantitative protein and ADC analysis    
  • ADME & safety studies combined in phase 1   
  • Metabolite profiling to address MIST concerns early     
  • Pediatric PK using single heal stick quantities 
  • In-vivo lead optimization eIND

Our service philosophy is to develop long term relationships with our clients by providing enhanced solutions on time with open communication.  Vitalea is committed to:

  • The fastest turnaround times for data submission and final reports
  • Ultra-sensitive quantitative data of the highest integrity
  • Direct access to your project team
  • Pre-study consultation   
  • Data interpretation

Vitalea’s team of experts includes the founders of applied bio-AMS and innovators of next generation BioMICADAS AMS Technology. Along with a team of CRO professionals, this unique blend of industry leaders and solutions oriented scientists not only know the science but understands compliance and the urgency of your timelines. 


2121 Second Street, Suite B101
Davis, CA, 95618 USA

Telephone:+(1)530 341 0200
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