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Biomarkers: unrealized potential in sports doping analysis


The fight against doping in sport using analytical chemistry is a mature area with a history of approximately 100 years in horse racing and at least 40 years in human sport. Over that period, the techniques used and the breadth of coverage have developed significantly. These improvements in the testing methods have been matched by the increased sophistication of the methods, drugs and therapies available to the cheat and, as a result, testing has been a reactive process constantly adapting to meet new threats. Following the inception of the World Anti-Doping Agency, research into the methods and technologies available for human doping control have received coordinated funding on an international basis. The area of biomarker research has been a major beneficiary of this funding. The aim of this article is to review recent developments in the application of biomarkers to doping control and to assess the impact this could make in the future.

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