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Analytical methodologies utilized in the search for chronic disease biomarkers


“Well-planned analytical protocols, careful quality control, verification of the results obtained and, most importantly, a critical attitude in all stages of the work flow are required for successful metabolomic studies.”

Metabolomics provides critical insight into the physiologic status of cells by identifying and quantifying multiple cellular metabolites. The metabolic profile is very much dependent on the physiological, environmental and genetic status of an organism and, thus, metabolic profiles can be utilized in revealing novel biomarkers of chronic diseases or other health-related targets. The advancement of the field has been driven by the development of analytical technologies, in particular, advances in LC–MS and multivariate statistical data analysis [1]. However, the large concentration range, over eight orders of magnitude, and chemical diversity of metabolites makes metabolic profiling a very challenging task. In practice, no single methodology is sufficient for the analysis of the global metabolic profile and each methodology has its own limitations.

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