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Conference Report: 6th Annual Bioanalysis in Clinical Research conference


The 6th Annual Bioanalysis in Clinical Research conference held recently in London, UK, targeted numerous themes of significant current interest within the discipline of bioanalysis. The conference invited a diverse speaker panel and attracted an audience consisting of researchers from the pharmaceutical industry, CROs and academia. The range of topics presented covered LC–MS and ligand-binding assays, small- and large-molecule quantification, regulatory issues and concerns and new technologies. Within the scope of LC–MS bioanalysis, presentation topics included new developments in dried blood spot technologies, the use of direct analysis MS techniques, eliminating matrix effects through direct-electron ionization MS, and the complications of developing and validating LC–MS methods for the quantitative determination of endogenous biomarkers. With respect to ligand binding, the importance of assay validation being a continuous process, extending into study analysis, was a recurrent theme in several presentations along with the hot topic of immunogenicity. Of relevance to both analytical disciplines were the presentations on regulatory topics covering the EMA guidelines on method validation and bioanalysis within bioequivalence clinical studies.

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