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Recent advances in metabolite identification and quantitative bioanalysis by LC–Q-TOF MS


The need for rapid, sensitive and effective identification and quantitation of drugs and metabolites to accelerate drug discovery and development has given MS its central position in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic research. This review attempts to orient the readers with respect to hybrid Q-TOF MS, which enables accurate mass measurement and generates information-rich datasets. The key properties of the Q-TOF MS system, including mass accuracy, resolution, scan speed and dynamic range, are herein discussed. Developments on tandem separation techniques (e.g., UHPLC® and ion mobility spectrometry), data acquisition and data-mining methods (e.g., mass defect, product/neutral loss, isotope pattern filters and background subtraction) that facilitate qualitative and quantitative analysis are then examined. The performance and versatility of LC–Q-TOF MS are thoroughly illustrated by its applications in metabolite identification and quantitative bioanalysis. Future perspectives are also discussed.

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