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Driving efficiencies and throughput in ADME/PK studies through automated analytical technologies


In association with Agilent Technologies, Bioanalysis Zone is pleased to present a webinar on ‘Driving efficiencies and throughput in ADME/PK studies through automated analytical technologies’.

Increased emphasis on obtaining ADME/PK data on large numbers of drug candidates has placed greater demands on throughput and reproducibility of ADME/PK assays. Automated liquid handling and sample preparation, as well as, high throughput analytical technologies are thus imperative in the instrumentation arsenal of modern ADME/DMPK laboratories. In this webinar you will learn about instrumentation that can drive efficiencies in your laboratory through automating manual tasks, facilitating unattended instrument operation, and improving throughput of your ADME/PK assays.

Topics covered:

  1. How to perform a variety of in vitro ADME assays with unprecedented throughputs of >350 samples per hour and generate a seven point IC50 curve in under 45 seconds, without compromising data quality, using existing assay methods and workflows.
  2. How to maximize efficiencies of your ADME/DMPK laboratories by introducing automation to your liquid handling and sample preparation workflows, and by facilitating unattended operation of analytical instrumentation.
  3. How to utilize a fully automated card extraction LC/MS system to simplify your quantitative analysis of target drugs and metabolites in Dried Blood Spots (DBS) or other dried matrix spots.

Who attended?

  1. Researchers who conduct in vitro or in vivo ADME/PK assays
  2. Lab managers and scientists focused on ADME/PK research in Biotech, Pharmaceutical companies and CROs
  3. Project leaders, medicinal chemists and biologists interested in obtaining critical ADME/PK data to drive their drug discovery programs forward
  4. Academicians and students interested in new ADME/PK automation and analytical technologies


Vaughn Miller, Ph.D. Applications Manager, Rapidfire High-Throughput MS systems Agilent Technologies Inc. Talk 1: Increasing Efficiency of ADME Assays Using the High-throughput RapidFire System

Louis Murray Applications Engineer, Automation Agilent Technologies Inc. Talk 2: Automation and liquid handling solutions for ADME/PK studies

Na Pi Parra, Ph.D. Product Manager, LC/MS Triple Quadrupole Products Agilent Technologies Inc. Talk 3: An Automated Online Card Extraction LC/MS System for Dried Blood Spots Analysis.

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