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Interview with Maria Rambla-Alegre (Ghent University) on winning the 2012 Bioanalysis Young Investigator Award


For the past 4 years the journal has awarded the honorary Young Investigator title to highlight the development and talents of the youngest generation in the bioanalytical field. The profiles of international bioanalysts, nominated by their supervisors, have been featured in the journal and on Bioanalysis Zone. The winner is voted for by readers of the journal and online users, with the final decision made by a selection panel from the European Bioanalysis Forum.

The 2012 Bioanalysis Young Investigator Award was presented during the plenary session at the European Bioanalysis Forum 5th Open Symposium in Barcelona, where the prestigious award was given to Dr Maria Rambla-Alegre, formerly of the University of Ghent.

Click here to view Maria’s profile for the Young Investigator Award.


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