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Innovative Software for Bioanalysis: Maximizing Today’s Investment, Creating a more Productive Tomorrow


Bioanalytical laboratories face the daunting task of addressing multiple critical challenges on a daily basis. From method development to generating reports, data has to be sensitive and reliable, while reports have to be simple yet compliant with security and regulatory guidelines.

Whereas analytical instruments (liquid chromatography and mass spectrometers) play a critical role in this environment, software has the overall responsibility to facilitate method development, data processing, report generation, and managing raw and processed data.

In this webinar, we will highlight several of the advanced features of AB SCIEX’s MultiQuant 3.0 Software, which enables anyone working in a GLP-compliant bioanalytical laboratory environment to achieve their scientific and reporting goals easily and efficiently.  From scientists to laboratory managers to IT managers associated with the bioanalytical lab, every role can benefit from maximizing productivity and compliance using MultiQuant bioanalytical software.

What will you learn?

  1. How to address critical challenges in bioanalytical laboratory environments with MultiQuant software
  2. Approaches to ensure security with increased productivity, but without incurring additional expenses
  3. How to maximize efficiency with a single software solution for a broad range of LC/MS platforms, from Triple Quad to HRMS

Who attended?

All in Bioanalytical Laboratory Environments:

  • Users
  • Lab Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Data Scientists.

Speaker’s biography

Justin Withers

Director, Worldwide Technical Support

Justin Withers has been with AB SCIEX for the last 17 years, during which he has played a significant role in the evolution of software at AB SCIEX. From version 1.0 of Analyst software to its development into a GLP compliant solution, Justin has supported thousands of customers around the globe. The latest version of MultiQuant software, with its advanced functionality focused on GLP compliant laboratories, is one of Justin’s key areas of focus.


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