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Protein and Peptide Therapeutics: Advanced tools for increasing bioanalytical sensitivity and specificity


The increased development of peptide-based drugs and interest in peptide biomarkers has placed an added burden on bioanalytical labs that had historically focused on small molecules. In previous webinars we’ve presented how to streamline the transition from small molecule to large molecule analysis.

In those webinars we covered fundamental differences between large and small molecule bioanalysis, including MS, LC, and extraction method development. The most recent webinar focused on advanced troubleshooting and optimization in peptide bioanalysis methods.

This webinar will follow the next logical step and describe how the latest tools and techniques can be applied to further improve detection limits and improve specificity. Examples will be shown demonstrating successful implementation of techniques such as integrated microfluidics and multidimensional LC and the resultant sensitivity and specificity benefits. In one example, we will show how to reduce sample size and injection volume and still realize significant sensitivity gains with a novel microscale platform which has robustness, reproducibility and ease of use that is comparable to standard flow UHPLC. Another example utilizes multidimensional LC and mixed-mode SPE to reduce detection limits in a quantitative assay for 6 intact insulins.

What will you learn?

  1. How to reduce sample volume required and improve method sensitivity
  2. How to implement microscale and multidimensional separations in a traditional bioanalytical laboratory
  3. How to optimize sample preparation to maximize specificity and sensitivity

Who attended?

  • Head of bioanalytical/clinical research groups
  • Bioanalytical/clinical research method developers

Panelist’s biography

Erin E. Chambers
Principal Applications Chemist
Waters Corporation

Erin Chambers is a Principal Applications Chemist, providing pharmaceutical applications development and support for Waters Applied Technology Group. Erin’s primary role is to support regulated and discovery Bioanalysis, and develop bioanalytical methods for drug molecules, both large and small. She is responsible for sample preparation, mass spectrometry, and LC method development, and also provides customer and in-house training on these topics. Her most recent focus has been on peptide and protein bioanalysis.


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