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Analyzing proteins with the latest innovation in reversed-phase column design


Protein chromatography by reversed-phase HPLC has been practiced since the development of wide-pore, 10 µm porous silica particles. Continuous developments in column technology by way of advancements in particle size, particle shape, and surface chemistry have given chromatographers new and improved columns for higher resolution separations.

Today, we take advantage of the latest development in particle architecture, superficially porous particles, combined with wide-pore designs, which afford the highest resolution protein separations without the need to operate at very high pressures.

Nevertheless, we are still left with the fact that the relatively large size of proteins with their diverse and possibly dynamic structures, can make them a challenge to separate efficiently. One way to enhance the reversed-phase chromatography of proteins can be the selective choice of temperature. This presentation will look at examples of biotherapeutics, where temperature is a key parameter in optimizing the efficiency of the reversed-phase chromatography of proteins.


Hillel Brandes hbrandes
Principal Applications Chemist

Hillel Brandes completed his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1990. He then held positions as a postdoctoral associate and research assistant professor in the Protein Chemistry & Engineering Program at Oak Ridge National Lab in conjunction with the University of Tennessee. In 1997 Hillel joined the bioseparations group at Supelco and participated in the development of the Discovery®, Discovery BIO and Ascentis® HPLC column lines. Currently Dr. Brandes is a Principal Applications Chemist in Supelco’s Analytical Research Services group, where he focuses on applying the benefits of Fused-Core® and traditional high-performance columns for biopolymer separations with special emphasis on biotherapeutics.

Qin qincjiC. Ji, Ph.D

Senor Principal Scientist
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Qin C. Ji, Senor Principal Scientist in the Department of Analytical and Bioanalytical Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton. Prior to his current position, Dr. Ji has held scientific and management positions at Abbott and Covance.



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