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Metabolite profiles from dried blood spots for metabonomic studies using UPLC combined with orthogonal acceleration ToF-MS: effects of different papers and sample storage stability


Background: Investigations have been undertaken of the effects of storage on the utility of using dried blood spots, collected and stored on a paper substrate, combined with reversed-phase ultra-performance LC (UPLC), electrospray ionization orthogonal acceleration ToF-MS (UPLC–oaToF-MS), as a method for performing global metabolic profiling studies. In addition, a range of products used to collect these blood spots have also been studied for effects on the UPLC–MS background. Results: These preliminary data suggest that sample stability in this application is limited unless the cards are stored at, at least, -20°C and preferably at -80°C. In addition, the use of untreated cards is recommended to minimize incurred background interferences. Conclusion: Further investigations are necessary to improve the utility of this methodology in global metabolite profiling.

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