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A New Level of Sensitivity and Standardization: The Promise of Integrated Micro Fluidic Devices Coupled With Mass Spectrometry in DMPK Analysis


Waters_logo_K_webNano and microscale chromatography (column ID < 500 um) have historically been employed due to their attributes of delivering greater sensitivity with a lower sample volume requirement when coupled with mass spectrometry (MS). However, in the 20 years that these types of separations have been available, they have predominantly been applied to proteomic analyses.

We can attribute this lack of widespread adoption (outside of proteomics) to the fact that the success of a technique is often highly dependent on the individual scientist’s skills in constructing the system. Even when off-the-shelf components were used, the robustness and reproducibility of the technique could not be guaranteed. In contrast to these fused silica based systems, integrated microfluidic (MF) systems promise more than simply an increase in sensitivity; they can also provide greater robustness, reproducibility and significantly greater ease of use.

In this webcast, we describe an integrated mircofluidic system that enables UHPLC pressures and performance comparable to or greater than current nano and analytical scale separation systems, materials and fabrication methods that now enable routine operation at the 150 micron scale, and a mass spectrometry source optimized for low microliter per minute flow. In addition to the chromatographic performance and sensitivity offered for routine DMPK studies, this presentation will highlight the reduction in ion suppression as compared to traditional scale LC/MS.

What you will learn:

  1. Discover the latest innovation in MS technology for bioanalysis
  2. See how you can achieve increased sensitivity with less complexity and more flexibility
  3. Understand how microscale fluidic technology can change your perception of what’s possible

Who should attend?

Pharmaceutical Scientists and Lab Managers focused on bioanalysis of small and large molecules.

Panelist biographies





Dr. Paul Rainville
Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
Waters Corporation

Dr. Paul Rainville is a Senior Manager working in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Group at Waters Corporation in Milford, MA USA. He has been with Waters for 10 years and has worked in a variety of application areas including: biomolecule separations, metabonomics, and bioanalysis. Prior to joining Waters, he worked as an analytical chemist and biochemist at various pharmaceutical companies. He has authored or contributed to over 25 peer-reviewed research articles and has presented many oral and poster presentations at major scientific conferences.




Dr. James Murphy
Principal Consulting Chemist
Waters Corporation

Dr. James Murphy is a Principal Consultant Chemist at Waters Corporation.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2002 working under Dr. Richard Yost.  His graduate studies focused on the applications and fundamentals of the quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometery working closely with the GC/MS development team at Thermo Finnigan.  After his graduate work, Jim moved to Boston and worked as a Research Chemist at New Objective.  At New Objective Jim developed products suited for low-flow LC/MS.  In 2004, Jim joined Waters Corporation and has been a lead scientist in the development of Waters’ nanoscale and microfluidics chromatography systems.



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