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Applying best in class size exclusion chromatography technologies to the analysis of antibodies and glycoproteins


Learn about the uSA_Logo_NoOrb_R_RGBse of versatile analytical techniques including oligosaccharide analysis, monoclonal antibody aggregate quantification and application of SEC-MS towards high-throughput intact mass glycoprofiling.

High-performance liquid chromatography is a fundamental method for research and quality control of biopharmaceutical products.

This webinar will focus on the versatile use of size exclusion chromatography in analyzing antibodies and glycoproteins. We will cover tips and tricks with regards to buffer choice for size exclusion chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry, advantages of fluorescence detection in hydrophobic interaction chromatography, as well as the use of buffer additives in size exclusion chromatography of monoclonal antibodies.

The second part of this webinar will show the application of SEC-MS towards high-throughput intact mass glycoprofiling of biotherapeutic antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins.

What will you learn?

  • Tips and tricks with regards to buffer choice for size exclusion chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry and how SEC-MS can be used for rapid glycoprofiling of therapeutic proteins and antibodies.

Who may this interest?

  • Bench biochemists and managers interested in new tips and tricks for size exclusion chromatography
  • Analysts and managers interested in improving bioseparations
  • Pharmaceutical researchers studying glycosylation of biotherapeutics.


Judith Vajda




Judith Vajda
Senior Lab Specialist
Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Judith Vajda is Senior Lab Specialist at Tosoh Bioscience GmbH. As a member of the technical support team, her work also includes application development. Judith has been involved in purification and analysis of biologics for years. She has a keen interest in applying new technologies for the chromatographic separation of immunoglobulins and related targets. She has presented at several conferences, such as PREP, ISPPP, HIC/RPC, and the BioInnovation Leaders Summit. Judith holds a major in immunology and a diploma degree in technical biology from the University of Stuttgart.

Kevin Ray





Kevin Ray

Head of Analytical Research

Kevin Ray received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 1993 from Texas A&M University. He joined Sigma-Aldrich in 1994 as a Senior Scientist to provide oversight of analytical services and consultation to research staff towards the development of powdered and liquid cell culture media. In 2002, he was appointed Research Manager with responsibilities for the development of nucleic acid purification products and technologies. Since 2005 he has held the position of Manager of Analytical Research and Development, leading a team responsible for providing advanced analytical support to product development groups in Biotech R&D and serving as the corporate center of excellence for mass spectrometry. Dr Ray has expertise in mass spectrometry-based protein assays and protein characterization.



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