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Microsampling and the bioanalytical challenges in their routine analysis


In this webinar, Dr Chris Holliman from Pfizer, Groton, discusses familiar challenges regarding sample volume requirements in the bioanalytical laboratory and how microflow LC/MS may help to address these concerns for the future.

It used to be that ultrasensitivity was the limiting factor in routine bioanalysis, but with the evolution of the triple quad mass spec, this is becoming less of an issue. We now face the continued drive by pharma to analyze smaller and smaller samples while obtaining more information per sample. The more contemporary question then becomes, is our current technology in pace to keep up? Dr Chris Holliman from Pfizer, Groton, will discuss the challenges his team faces as they determine drug exposure and how microflow LC/MS may fill the gaps we see today.


Holliman - speaker photo




Christopher L Holliman
Director, Global Discovery Bioanalytical
Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development


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