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Workflows for quantitative LC/MS metabolomics of endogenous polar metabolites: from full scan to focused analysis


Using full-scan and targeted mass spectrometers, the Rosebrock and Caudy laboratories at the University of Toronto have developed a workflow for identification and quantitation of endogenous cellular metabolites with altered levels in both case–control and time course designs. This approach begins with sample profiling using high-coverage chromatography, employs stable isotope labeling for compound identification, and extends through targeted assay development, where necessary, to disambiguate isobaric metabolites in complex cellular extracts. This webinar highlights top-of-the-line qTOF and QqQ instruments and the extensive metabolomics software tools available from Agilent. This work demonstrates the powerful new phenotypes and biological insights accessible through LC/MS metabolomics.


Adam Rosebrock, PhD
Adam Rosebrock
Assistant Professor
University of Toronto



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