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Panel discussion on automation


We recently held  a panel discussion based on our automation Spotlight survey. During this survey we wanted to find out: how you employ automation; your opinion on the main advantages and disadvantages of automation; and your views on key issues such as the potential for automation to lead to job loss. Furthermore, we also asked you what you believe the future holds with regard to laboratory automation.

For this exclusive panel discussion, we invited a range of experts to share their thoughts on the issues raised from the survey. The experts debated which results they were surprised by, what they believe the results imply for the future of automation and much more. The experts also answered questions posed by the audience.


Robert Durham
Director, Field Applications, North America
Gyros, Inc.


Bernard-ChoiBernard Karsten Choi
Principal Scientist


Joseph A Tweed
Principal Scientist
Pfizer, Inc.


Jin Wang
Senior Manager
Amgen Inc.


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