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Exploring extra sensitivity using ionKey/MS with the Xevo G2-XS Q-Tof HRMS for small molecule pharmaceutical analysis in human plasma (Waters Corporation)


The need for unambiguous data to support milestone transition and compound selection for drug discovery and development has fuelled an unrelenting desire for instruments with higher sensitivity. Consequently, sensitivity enhancement has been a critical attribute in each evolution of modern LC-MS instrumentation.

To address this need, Waters Corporation has focused on integrating and optimizing both the inlet and the MS detector. The ionKey/MS System integrates the separation into the source of the Xevo® G2-XS Mass Spectrometer, yielding a single integrated platform.

This application note outlines the analysis of a variety of drugs in human plasma using several configurations of the ionKey/MS System with the Xevo G2-XS Q-Tof.

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