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One aspect of bioanalytical method development that is often underestimated is the front-end chromatographic technique being employed together with the mass spectrometric method of choice. Chromatography techniques can be equally important in optimizing critical assay parameters such as specificity, sensitivity, capacity and throughput.

In this webinar we will present the unique advantages offered to the bioanalyst by a whole host of front-end chromatography techniques such as high-throughput SPE, UHPLC, 2D LC and SFC. These will be presented along with recommendations for ideal use cases in bioanalytical assays supported with real-world applications of the same.

What will you learn?

  • Technology behind the new 6470 triple quadrupole
  • New Multisampler for the Infinity 1290 LC systems
  • Use of RapidFire for high-throughput sample analysis using solid phase extraction (SPE/MS)
  • 2D LC for high resolution, removal of matrix interference and simultaneous analysis of achiral and chiral drugs and their metabolites
  • SFC for orthogonal chromatography, elution order switching, short chromatographic run times and the analysis of achiral and chiral drugs and their metabolites

Who may this interest?

  • Pharmaceutical bioanalysis scientists
  • Pharmaceutical research scientists
  • ADME/PK researchers
  • Lab managers and scientists focused on ADME/PK research, specifically, drug metabolite quantitation and identification in Biotech, Pharmaceutical companies and CROs
  • Project leaders, medicinal chemists and biologists interested in obtaining critical structure and quantitation data on their drug candidates and key drug metabolites to drive their drug discovery programs forward
  • Academicians and students interested in drug metabolite quantitation and identification


Lester Taylor PhD
Pharma Marketing
Agilent Technologies

Since obtaining his PhD in the ion optics of mass spectrometers at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST; UK), Lester Taylor has worked in the field of mass spectrometry both in the areas of instrumentation and applications development. Following work at Kratos Analytical (UK) on the development of ion sources, hybrid mass spectrometers and inhomogeneous magnetic sector instruments, he moved to Indiana University in Bloomington (IN, USA). Subsequently Lester joined Burroughs Wellcome Co. in Research Triangle Park (NC, USA) where he held positions of increasing responsibility in Drug Discovery and became Assistant Director in the Organic Chemistry Division. During this time, he was responsible for applying mass spectrometry methodologies to a wide range of analytical challenges in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. This included work on the drugs azidothymidine, acyclovir and bupropion. In 1996 he left Glaxo Wellcome and moved to MDS Panlabs Inc., in Seattle (WA, USA), to set up the Bioanalytical Services Department which provided contract LC-MS services for drug discovery to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Following this, Lester joined Thermo Fisher in 2002 as the Marketing Director for life sciences mass spectrometry. In 2009, he joined Agilent technologies (CA, USA) and was the Director of LC-MS Product Marketing until May 2014, when he took on the role of Pharma market manager.

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