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RapidFireTM-based screening as an integral part of Evotec’s lead discovery platform – targeting small and polar molecules


Combined Agilent Evotec logoPart 2 of our webinar series on high-throughput mass spectrometry in drug lead discovery


For almost five years, Evotec has offered high-throughput mass spectrometry (HTMS) screening services for label-free hit identification programs. In this webinar we will present how the RapidFireTM technology has been fully integrated into Evotec’s Lead Discovery Platform and give examples for the analysis of small and polar molecules in a much more efficient way in comparison to traditional HPLC- or UPLC-coupled MS approaches. In this context, we will also outline the accessibility of biological assay systems, which are not commonly investigated by other label-free detection methods.

What will you learn?

  • An overview of Evotec and how HTMS is applied within its screening platform
  • The benefits of RapidFireTM technology for MS-based detection of analytes that are not easily retained by traditional LC
  • The applicability of RapidFireTM technology for analysis of assay systems that are not easily accessible by other label-free detection methods

Who may this interest?

Scientists working in drug discovery, high-throughput screening and lead discovery/ lead optimization


Kerstin Danker
Research Associate
Mass Spectrometry/Biophysics and Compound Management

Kerstin joined the MS team within the Biophysics and Compound Management Unit at Evotec AG in Hamburg (Germany) in 2012. As research associate in the MS team, she is responsible for method development and validation of RapidFireTM MS readouts and assay development for high-throughput screening. Prior to this, she obtained her diploma in Biochemistry in 2008 from the University of Hannover (Germany) and received her PhD degree in 2012 at Hannover Medical School, focusing on small metabolite detection in complex matrices by MS. Her work in this field has been published in various peer-reviewed journals, and presented at international events.

Panelists joining Kerstin for Q&A session

Daniel Stein event pageDaniel Stein
Research Scientist
Mass Spectrometry/Biophysics and Compound Management

Daniel joined Evotec as a Research Scientist in 2010 and currently heads the Mass Spectrometry Group within the Biophysics and Compound Management Department at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg (Germany). Having participated in establishing RapidFireTM technology at Evotec, he gained expertise in the application of HTMS in several screening projects. His responsibilities mainly focus on supporting and managing client collaborations in which HTMS approaches can significantly contribute to drive hit identification, hit to lead and lead optimization activities. Daniel holds a PhD from the Chemistry/Biochemistry department of the Philipp University of Marburg (Germany) and received postdoctoral training in the Institute of Biological Chemistry at Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan).

Dirk Winkler event pageDirk Winkler
Vice President
Biophysics and Compound Management

Dirk Winkler is in charge of Biophysics and Compound Management at Evotec AG in Hamburg (Germany). After receiving his PhD from the University of Leipzig (Germany) he started his industrial career in 1998 at Evotec. As part of his current role, Dirk has responsibility for Evotec’s MS screening platform, including various aspects of hit identification but also the further development of hits into leads. Based on his scientific background and his long term drug discovery experience, he is particularly interested in the continuous improvement of processes supporting early drug discovery. Here he is actively contributing to the implementation and application of new developments in science and technology into an industrialized research environment that enables faster and more efficient generation of new drugs.

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