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Systems for multiplexing homogeneous immunoassays


High-throughput multiplex protein biomarker assays continue to gain significance in the fields of biomarker discovery and drug development, due to their economical use of not only the precious clinical biological samples but also expensive reagents. Among these platforms, homogeneous multiplex systems have potential for short assay run times and cost-effective reagent consumptions. However, these systems must overcome challenges of signal cross talk and biochemical cross-reactivity. Despite these obstacles, several homogeneous multiplex immunoassays have been demonstrated. These include fluorescent polarization, fluorescent resonance energy transfer with quantum dots or graphene, luminescent oxygen-channeling immunoassay coupled with aqueous two-phase systems and DNA proximity assays. The balance between speed/simplicity and high multiplexing and robustness of these homogeneous multiplex immunoassays are discussed in this review.

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