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Collaboration for development of novel technologies for diabetes management announced


DexCom (CA, USA) have announced their plans to collaborate with the life sciences team at Google (CA, USA) to develop a series of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products, designed to be cheaper and smaller than existing products. The collaborators plan to incorporate Google’s miniaturized electronics platform with DexCom’s sensor technology. The project also provides an opportunity to better utilize data generated by these CGM products, and to improve the outcomes and minimize the costs of diabetes management.

“This partnership has the potential to change the face of diabetes technology forever,” commented Kevin Sayer, President and Chief Executive Officer of DexCom. “Working together, we believe we can introduce products that will move us beyond our core Type 1 business to become the standard of care for all people living with diabetes.”

“We’re committed to developing new technologies that will help move health care from reactive to proactive,” commented Andrew Conrad, from the life sciences team at Google. “This collaboration is another step towards expanding monitoring options and making it easier for people with diabetes to proactively manage their health.”

The first products will be designed to minimize the cost and size of CGM body worn components. The products will be disposable and will be aimed across all diabetes markets. The overall goal is to replace finger sticks with a technology that will enable more people to control their diabetes with real-time and actionable information, by developing an inexpensive, small sensor that is linked to the cloud.

Source: DexCom to collaborate with the life sciences team at Google on the development of breakthrough technologies to change the future of diabetes management.


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