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Polymer–nanoparticles composites in bioanalytical sample preparation


The term composite refers to a class of synthetic materials made from different constituents which exhibit final properties which are different from those of the individual components. Composites have been extensively used in the sample treatment context as sorbents since the resulting solid presents better extraction efficiency. In this realm, polymeric nanocomposites are raised as a powerful alternative. They can be tailored-synthesized for selectivity enhancement or include a magnetic core to simplify the extraction/elution process. This review article points out the relevance of such nanomaterials in bioanalysis. Several synergic combinations of nanoparticles (magnetic, carbon-based) as well as polymeric coatings (conventional, conductive or molecularly imprinted) are commented on. Finally, the potential of biopolymers in the microextraction field is briefly highlighted.

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