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Camphanic acid chloride: a powerful derivatization reagent for stereoisomeric separation and its DMPK applications


Background: Camphanic acid chloride has proven to be an efficient chiral derivatization reagent for determination of stereoisomers. Results: The utility of chemical derivatization of various stereoisomers containing hydroxy functional groups with camphanic acid chloride in the presence or absence of a base is highlighted. This procedure is shown to be relatively simple, fast and a cost-effective method of separating racemic drugs and stereoisomeric metabolites in biological matrices. Camphanic derivatives contain two additional chirogenic centers, which are found to enhance stereoisomeric separation on both traditional and chiral stationary phases. Conclusion: Four methodologies described herein for separation of multiple stereoisomers in biological samples confirm camphanic acid chloride to be a powerful chiral reagent for stereoisomeric resolution for drug metabolism and PK applications.

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