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Hybrid LBA-LC/MS assays for protein bioanalysis: a good idea for so many reasons



This webinar presented a comprehensive view of hybrid LBA-LC/MS assays as they are currently being applied in the industry, and described the benefits they offer for the bioanalysis of proteins.

For years, the gold standard platform to quantitate proteins in the bioanalytical industry has been LBAs such as ELISA. Recently, the LC-MS bioanalytical community has taken advantage of the basic principle of LBAs, using antibodies to enrich or purify protein therapeutics and biomarkers prior to LC-MS analysis. Such hybrid LBA-LC/MS assays have proven very useful in reaching greater sensitivity and specificity, in addition to providing valuable information related to the integrity of the analyte being quantitated.

What will you learn?

  • An introduction to hybrid LBA-LC/MS assays
  • How hybrid assays are performed in the industry
  • Overcoming certain challenges using hybrid assays
  • The value of hybrid assays through case studies
  • How hybrid assays can improve your bioanalytical endeavors

Who may this interest?

  • Bioanalytical Scientists
  • Clinical and preclinical study directors involved in pharmaco/toxicokinetic studies on protein therapeutics
  • Pharma/biotech researchers and program managers/directors interested in or requiring protein bioanalysis


Luca Genovesi
Senior Scientist, Large Molecule Quantification by LC-MS
Algorithme Pharma

Luca Genovesi is a Senior Scientist at Algorithme Pharma, LC-MS Large Molecule Quantification, within the Method Development Group. He obtained his PhD in Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Milano Bicocca (Milan, Italy) with a focus in mass spectrometry. Before joining Algorithme Pharma, Luca was a Merck-Serono (Italy) scientist in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for five years and spent one year as a Protein and Peptide Technical Leader at Almac Science (UK). Overall, Luca has more than eight years of experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis of protein by mass spectrometry, and his work has been presented several times at international events.

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