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Automation enabled Hybrid LBA/LC–MS Biologics Bioanalysis with the BioBA Solution


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In order to support the growing class of new biotherapeutic drug molecules, robust and reliable bioanalytical methods are required. The signature peptide approach is the most commonly used LC–MS based strategy for protein quantitation due to its high sensitivity and specificity. When this strategy is combined with upfront ligand binding immuno-affinity sample preparation to concentrate the target analyte and reduce the matrix background, the sensitivity and selectivity of the technique is greatly expanded. However, there are several steps and incubation times in immuno-affinity sample preparation that consume an analyst’s valuable time. This creates a new bottleneck in sample preparation for biologics bioanalysis compared to traditional small molecule workflows. The SCIEX BioBA automation workflow using the Biomek FXP relieves this bottleneck and reduces the labour required to process sample batches and liberates scientists to do other work required to deliver study results.

What will you learn?

  • Advantages of fully automating immuno-affinity sample preparation up front of LC–MS
  • Details of the complete SCIEX BioBA Solution for signature peptide quant of biologics
  • Case study results of animal studies analyzed using automated sample prep and the BioBA Solution

Who may this interest?

  • CROs, Pharma and Biotech companies focused on LC–MS/MS quantitative bioanalysis of large molecules
  • Mass spectrometrists and bioanalytical chemists
  • Academicians and students interested in LC–MS/MS bioanalysis


Ian Moore, PhD
SCIEX Global Technical Marketing Manager, Pharma Quant and MetID


Ian Moore is Global Technical Marketing Manager for Pharma applications at SCIEX, based out of Toronto, Canada. Ian has many years of experience in bioanalytical method development and validation in both a pharmaceutical and CRO environment. He joined SCIEX in 2012, and has been recently focused on the development and application of the BioBA solution for pre-clinical and clinical biologics quantitation. Ian is a graduate of the University of Toronto and holds a PhD in organic chemistry.


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