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Keeping it Clean: Using MSIA Microcolumns with mass spectrometry to analyse therapeutic peptides




Discover how MSIA improves sensitivity and reduces background in order to quantify multiple therapeutic analogs with pre-prepared IA-LC/MS/MS workflows.

In this webinar, Michael Blackburn (Arcinova) will discuss different techniques to analyse therapeutic peptides citing insulin as an example. The presentation will highlight the high throughput, automated MSIA insulin workflow that provides low background, reproducible & reliable results enabling you to reach clinically significant limits of quantitation even with low sample volumes.

What will you learn?

  • Development of a Hybrid IA-LC/MS/MS approach for the quantification of therapeutic peptides
  • How MSIA provides an easy-to-use high throughput workflow for the bioanalysis of therapeutic peptides
  • Affinity purification of Insulin using ready-to-use MSIA Insulin microcolumns to improve sensitivity
  • How MSIA provides cleaner sample preparation for improved down stream bioanalysis
  • The simultaneous quantification of multiple insulin analogs and potential metabolites with MSIA

Who may this interest?

  • Those who are performing studies on therapeutic peptides for clinical research
  • Biopharma/CROs: who are performing studies related to novel insulin analogs
  • Sports anti-doping labs needing to differentiate between endogenous & exogenous insulins to confirm insulin abuse
  • Forensic research to identify suspected insulin misuse



Michael Blackburn
Bioanalytical Scientist/Method Development Specialist


Michael graduated in Marine Chemistry from the University College of North Wales  Bangor in 1987 and following that studied for an M.Phil in ‘Stable Isotopes as Tracers of Biological Processes’ also in Bangor. After that he worked for the government in the UK, extracting and measuring the concentrations of pollutants in aquatic samples. This was by GC-MS, and then by single quadrupole LC-MS. In 1997 he moved into the pharmaceutical industry with Sanofi in Alnwick for 13 years, as a mass spectrometrist using triple quads and TOFs within the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics group. In 2010 Michael moved into Contract Research with Covance following the sale of the Alnwick site as Principle Investigator and Head of Method Development. In 2016 the site was taken over by ARCINOVA and he now works as a Bioanalytical Scientist/Method Development specialist. The development of insulin assays using hybrid IA-LC-MS methodologies has been a subject of  interest for a number of years.

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