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The application of bioassays for the development of biopharmaceuticals

In vitro bioassays are used throughout the entire therapeutic biologic product development life cycle from lead optimisation right through to the clinic. And although the format of these assays remains largely unaltered throughout product development, the regulatory requirements for assay performance changes considerably.
In this webinar, hosted by Lee Coney, Chief Scientific Officer of Biologics at Envigo, we follow the journey of a monoclonal antibody to provide a practical overview of The application of bioassays for the development of biopharmaceuticals.’
This informative webinar will:
  • Discuss the use and importance of different bioassay formats
  • Follow a monoclonal antibody to illustrate the use of these bioassays
  • Review assay usage in discovery, lead optimization, GLP, GMP, GCP, etc.
  • Explore the importance of sound scientific principles and multidisciplinary interactions during product development

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