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Is there such thing as a ‘normal’ biopharmaceutical anymore?

Drug developers are increasingly coming across novel ways to combine the activities of different biological and chemical drugs to produce new products. This can range from enhancing binding/effector functions of monoclonal antibodies to conjugating cytotoxic drugs to biological molecules to increase drug effectiveness.
This webinar, hosted by Lee Coney, Chief Scientific Officer of Biologics at Envigo, explores the continuously changing biological drug development landscape by asking the interesting question: Is there such thing as a ‘normal’ biopharmaceutical anymore?
This thought-provoking webinar will:
  • Answer what ‘normal’ means in biopharmaceuticals
  • Review changes made to ‘normal’ proteins in pursuit of better drugs
  • Discuss relevant species selection
  • Explore specific considerations for biologic-drug conjugates, fusion proteins and bifunctional antibodies

See part 1 and part 3 of the series as well!

Click here for more information on Envigo.


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