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EBF addresses… the evolving relationship between CRO and pharma


In this final video the EBF panellists address the changing relationship that has been observed between CRO & Pharma as a direct result of the increase in outsourcing and an increasingly global team. The panellists discuss how this interface between CRO and Pharm can be optimised to ensure best practice and scientific progress.

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Discussion highlights:

  • The importance of communication, openness, respect and trust between CRO and Pharma.
  • The shift from CROs being considered as a service provider to being an extension of the internal laboratory in partnership with the Pharma.
  • The need for transparency between CRO and Pharma to allow for more efficient progress. Including, sharing of data, operating procedures and strategy.
  • The importance of having conferences like EBF to bring together the entire community from all over the world to encourage communication and harmonization.

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