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Electrochemical nanostructured ZnO biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of cardiac troponin-T



Aim: Vertically oriented zinc oxide nanostructures based disposable diagnostic biosensor for detecting and quantifying levels of cardiac troponin-T from human serum has been developed. Materials & methods: The biosensors were designed by integrating hydrothermally grown zinc oxide nanostructures on glass and printed circuit board platforms, resulting in the generation of high-density nanostructure arrays with nanotextured zinc oxide based electrodes. The size, density and surface terminations of the nanostructures were leveraged toward achieving surface confinement of the target cTnT molecules on to the nanostructures. A combination of AC and DC spectroscopy was used to characterize the biosensor response to cTnT. Results & conclusion: LOD of 0.1 pg/ml in human serum was achieved.

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