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Volumetric absorptive microsampling and impact-assisted extraction: have we finally eliminated the hematocrit effect?


A recent and promising alternative to both dried blood spot (DBS) and capillary microsampling (CMS) is volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS), a technique wherein a fixed accurate volume of blood is absorbed by capillary action onto a hydrophilic polymeric tip. The technology offers the benefits of DBS while overcoming the hematocrit effect (HCT), and simplifies the sample collection/extraction difficulties associated with CMS.  In this webinar, Altasciences and industry expert, Jeff Plomley, shares his most recent experience using the Mitra™ VAMS technology, from product characterization to applications development, implementing a novel impact-assisted extraction technique, highlighted with specific case studies for both small molecule and large molecule biotherapeutics.

This webinar was presented by Jeff Plomley, Principal Scientist – Method Development at Altasciences Clinical Research.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to impact-assisted extraction as a novel sample preparation approach for VAMS
  • Advantages of VAMS vs. DBS and CMS
  • Overcoming the bioanalytical challenges presented by small volume VAMS workflows
  • Case studies for small and large molecule applications demonstrating VAMS performance in a regulated laboratory

Who may this interest?

  • New and current practitioners of microsampling
  • Managers considering the introduction of microsampling technology into the laboratory
  • Key decision makers for clinical or pre-clinical outsourcing of microsampling programs
  • R&D scientists working with low volume samples coupled with LC–MS/MS
  • Toxicologists


Jeff Plomey 80x95Jeff Plomley
Principal Scientist, Method Development
Altasciences Clinical Research


Jeff Plomley began his research career in the Gas Phase Ion Chemistry Laboratory of Professor Raymond E. March, investigating the attributes of 3D ion traps. He later joined Thermo Instruments Canada as an Applications/Marketing Chemist, then SCIEX as a Senior Research Scientist in core research. Jeff is currently Principal Scientist at Altasciences Clinical Research, and has worked in both the pre-clinical and clinical CRO environment since 2001, developing over 250 de novo LC–MS assays. He has contributed to the publication of 25 peer-reviewed papers, over 70 scientific posters and tech pubs. He also holds patents on MS instrumentation and is a frequent SCIEX guest blogger on advanced MS workflows. Jeff holds a Masters degree in Chemistry from Queens University (Kingston, Canada).

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