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Moving from small molecule to large molecule bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS: A case study on challenges and techniques


The move to large molecule quantitation in pharma is accelerating, but for a small-sized CROs with extensive experience with small molecule bioanalysis, the shift can be challenging. This presentation gives you a first-hand look at the preliminary results from the lessons learned by SGS during their transition using the SCIEX BioBA Solution. This case study features the well-known biotherapeutic, Trastuzumab (anti-HER2 monoclonal antibody). You will hear how they overcame the challenge of finding specific signature peptides and optimization of chromatographic conditions. Plus, learn about their results with immunocapture using BioBA sample preparation kits.

What will you learn?

  • Practical tips for implementing a hybrid LBA-LC/MS quantitation technique
  • Real case study results using kit based immunocapture
  • Feedback from a CRO on transitioning from small molecule bioanalysis to biologics

Who may this interest?

  • Bioanalytical scientists in Biopharma/CROs performing quantification of large molecule analytes and biotherapeutics


Romuald Sable 80x95Romuald Sable
Project Leader
SGS Belgium

Romuald Sable is Bioanalytical Project leader at SGS Life Sciences based out in  Belgium . Romuald is in charge of pre-clinical and clinical bioanalytical method development and validation using LC/MS-MS technique . He joined SGS Belgium in 2008, and is recently acting as a support to the business development of bioanalytical activities of SGS Belgium. Romuald is a graduate of the University of Namur (Belgium) and holds a PhD in organic chemistry


Pegah M B 80x95Pegah Maghdooni Bagheri
Project Leader
SGS Belgium

Pegah Maghdooni is working as a Project Leader at SGS Life Science Services in Belgium since 2012. She is in charge of development and validation of bioanalytical and immunoassay methods for the both pre-clinical and clinical studies. Pegah is a graduate of the University of KU Leuven and holds a PhD in Biochemistry.


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