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A new dimension in bioanalysis with SelexION differential mobility spectrometry


Over the years, LC–MS/MS has become the method of choice for detection in bioanalysis and many other areas.  All of these application areas have stimulated the development of chromatographic separation material and hardware to improve the selectivity and sensitivity of LC–MS/MS in that last decade.  However, in many instances, the chromatographic separation of isoforms and isobaric species can still be challenging, even when MS/MS is used for detection. SelexION® differential mobility separation technology (DMS) device can be used to separate analyte ions in the gas phase prior to MS analysis, and it can be used to enhance the selectivity of LC–MS analysis. Since DMS effectively separates ions in the gas phase, changing the properties of surrounding gas by controlled addition of vapors can lead to further increases in selectivity for analysis. Example of application areas where DMS was used to compliment the LC, or even eliminate the LC separation step, will be presented in this webinar.

Who may this interest?

  • CROs, Pharma and Biotech companies focused on enhancing selectivity for LC–MS quantitative bioanalysis
  • Mass spectrometrists and bioanalytical chemists
  • Academicians and students interested in ion mobility techniques


Yves LeBlanc Head Shot 90x90Yves Le Blanc
Senior Research Scientist
Dr Yves Le Blanc is a Senior Research Scientist as part of the Applied Research Group at SCIEX.  His main areas of interest are applications of hybrid MS-based technologies for qualitative and quantitative analysis across various fields. As part of SCIEX, Dr Le Blanc has occupied several roles from application chemist to lab manager as well as technical marketing lead.  He has been directly involved in the development and marketing of the API 3000, API 4000, QTRAP based systems as well as TripleTOF 5600 and SelexION since he joined SCIEX in 1995.  In recent years, his main areas of research have focused on means of gaining selectivity in MS analysis by extending capabilities of current technology and systems.

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