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Strategies for measuring receptor occupancy by flow cytometry


Biologic therapeutics are a promising area and strong focus for many pharma companies. Understanding bioavailability, pharmacodynamics (PD) and pharmacokinetics (PK) are all important factors in the decision-making process of monoclonal antibody and large molecule therapies. Receptors are macromolecules that a ligand, antibody or drug bind to initiate its effects. The endogenous function of a receptor is to participate in cellular signaling or physiologic regulation. Antibodies and drugs can be given to activate or block these receptors to produce a variety of effects. Receptor occupancy (RO) assays describe the qualitative and/or quantitative assessment of binding of a therapeutic to its target and provide a measurement of the pharmacodynamic interaction between a biotherapeutic agent and its cellular target. In this webinar, we will cover the topics of current approaches to designing and validating RO experiments from the perspective of a Contract Research Organization.

What will you learn?

  • There are 4 categories of RO assays: free receptor, total receptor, bound receptor and receptor modulation.
  • RO assays can range from very simple to very complex.
  • Considerations for assay development: choice of appropriate antibody clones and fluorochromes; quality control measures; receptor stability; appropriate assay reportables.
  • Additional information about phenotypic markers can be obtained simultaneously.

Who may this interest?

  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry CEOs
  • Directors
  • Scientists who are decision makers within their companies
  • Any individuals who outsource bioanalytical to CROs




Dominic Warrino
Senior Scientific Officer
KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services


Dr Dominic Warrino is the Senior Scientific Advisor at KCAS (KS, KCAS). Dominic joined the company in 2013, and brought with him expertise in a full range of bioanalytical techniques including ECL, ELISA, RIA, flow cytometry, ELISpot, cell-based assays and Luminex. He also serves in business development as a technical consultant. Dominic has 20 years of experience developing and validating immunological assays for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He most recently spent the past several years in the Biopharma Services department at Viracor-IBT (formally IBT).



Joyce Slusser
Senior Scientist, Principal Investigator
KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services


Joyce Slusser is a Senior Scientist and Principle Investigator at KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services (KS, USA). Joyce joined KCAS in 2016 bringing with her the knowledge and expertise to expand KCAS’ flow cytometry and tissue culture offerings. Her proficiency in flow cytometry stems from years in the lab at two medical colleges and as a Consulting Scientist in a corporate setting. Over the past 20 years, she has gained experience across multiple species and platforms both in research settings and in clinical settings. Her education is rooted in immunology, virology, hematology and oncology. Joyce has published over 15 articles and is an active member of the International Society of Analytical Cytometry, International Clinical Cytometry Society, American Association of Immunologists and founder of Great Plains Analytical Cytometry Association.

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