Thermo Scientific™ MSIA™ (Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay)

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Overcome the challenges associated with traditional affinity purification methods using Thermo Scientific™ MSIA™ (Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay) microcolumns. Designed for analytical affinity purification, ready-to-use MSIA microcolumns are coated with target-specific affinity ligand to capture low abundant target analytes from even the most complex biological samples.

MSIA microcolumns can be used on both automated high throughput and semi-automated low throughput formats, enabling simple, precise affinity capture that fits your biomolecule analysis workflow.

Housed within pipette tips, these microcolumns are coated with target specific affinity ligand providing highly specific affinity capture.

MSIA microcolumns capture even the low abundant analytes with superior quantitation performance, down to the femtomole level.

Cleaner analyte of interest enables low background, high senstivity and enhanced reproducibility. Empower your biomolecule analysis workflow with MSIA microcolumns – providing data you can trust.