Susceptible or immune? CMV T-cell immunity accurately predicts patient status

In this presentation, Steve Kleiboeker (Vice-President of Research and Development at Viracor Eurofins; MO, USA) discusses CMV diagnostic testing, in particular the CMV T-cell immunity panel, which can help physicians predict which patients are at risk and be prepared to work with the patients pre-emptively before they develop the disease.
To learn more about T-cell immunity monitoring and assay development, watch this presentation filmed at the 3rd World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress (2 December 2019, San Francisco; CA, USA).

More on the CMV T-cell immunity panel

  • Consensus guidelines recommend antiviral prophylaxis in lung (and other high-risk solid organ transplants) recipients who are R+ or who receive an organ from a seropositive donor (D+/R-)
  • The high cost of antiviral treatments, risk of bone marrow suppression and potential development of subsequent viral resistance, make the optimal duration of prophylaxis controversial.
  • There is an unmet clinical need to more precisely determine post-transplantation risk for CMV beyond D/R serostatus, with the goal of tailoring CMV prophylaxis duration to an individual’s CMS disease specific risk.
  • Since T-cell responses are critical to CMV immune control, assays to measure T-cell responses to MCV antigens may predict future infections.

Viracor Eurofins offers comprehensive CMV testing to help detect infection, evaluate T-cell response and assess antiviral resistance for improved patient outcomes. To find out more visit:

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