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Spotlights chromatographic separation technologies feature image

We carried out a survey to gain an insight into the trends, challenges and future outlook for the use of chromatographic separation technologies. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey – click here to see the results in our infographic.

Spotlights chromatography need mass spectrometry-feature-image

In this editorial Amandine Dispas (University of Liege, Belgium) discusses the versatility of SFC and the ongoing role of mass spectrometry in the latest chromatographic workflows. Does chromatography need mass spectrometry? Find out here.

Spotlights bioanalytical applications-chromatography-feature-image

In this editorial Isabelle Kohler (Vrije Univerisiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands) explores the future of chromatography in bioanalysis. Is chromatography still a necessity in the face of developments in other analytical technologies?

Spotlights CTA(2)

To get a better understanding of the bioanalytical applications of chromatography we interviewed Makoto Tsunoda (University of Tokyo, Japan). Makoto described his research developing analytical methods to quantify endogenous compounds in a range of complex matrices.

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