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Biomarkers DNA biomarker

A biomarker is a protein or small molecule indicative of homeostasis or a disease state. As part of this Spotlight, we explore the different technologies used for biomarker discovery and what the future could hold.

Biomarker discovery DNA biomarker

The demand for analyzing biomarkers in drug development has increased dramatically with the advancement of precision medicine. In this editorial Weiping Shao (Frontage) discusses the challenges and key advice for outsourcing biomarker research.

Editorials proteinworks_1280x85424

This editorial provides an insight into the development of proteomics as a tool for drug and biomarker discovery, pharmacodynamics and protein network elucidation; and where technology may be heading in the future.

In the Zone pharmaceuticals

Find out more about the technologies involved in drug metabolism and what the future may hold for drug metabolism studies in drug discovery research in this ‘In the Zone’ feature.

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