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The value of lipid biomarkers for precision medicine is growing in recognition, resulting in an increased research focus on translational lipidomic workflows. Underpinning advances in this field are developments in mass spectrometry (MS) and liquid chromatography (LC). In this editorial, David Peake (Thermo Fisher Scientific) considers the analytical challenges associated with translational lipid biomarker development, and how the latest LC–MS technologies and lipidomics workflows are overcoming them.

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Bioanalysis Zone and Bioanalysis welcome unsolicited submissions to both the journal and website!

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Bioanalysis Zone today announced the winner of the Bioanalysis Outstanding Contribution Award – BOSCA – awarded to bioanalytical scientists for outstanding work and contribution to the community.

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Issue 23 of Bioanalysis volume 9 is now available, including an editorial discussing the matrix effects, a methodology on assay signaling and a White Paper on the rise of hybrid LBA/LCMS immunogenicity assays.

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Here we utilize a cysteine-linked antibody fluorophore conjugate to show how LC-MS methods may be optimized using a non-toxic ADC-mimic. The ADC-mimic was used to develop native and reduced SEC-MS conditions. The reduced mimic’s heavy and light chains, as well as its IdeS-proteolysis fragments, were used to develop reversed-phase LC-MS methods. A tryptic digest of the ADC mimic was used to develop a peptide mapping LC-MS method.

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