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Find out more about the technologies involved in drug metabolism and what the future may hold for drug metabolism studies in drug discovery research in this ‘In the Zone’ feature.

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Bioanalytical methods must enable the delivery of data that meet sound, scientifically justified, fit-for-purpose criteria. This perspective piece highlights three tiers of method validation – regulatory, scientific and research validations. The criteria for selecting the appropriate application of each of these PK method validation workflows are discussed.

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Biocompatible solid phase micro extraction (BioSPME) is a sample preparation method that allows for the extraction of various analytes of interest from complex biological matrices without significant co-extraction of common interferences including salts, proteins, and phospholipids. Analytes can be recovered by simply desorbing within an organic solvent prior to analysis. Significant reduction in matrix interferences allows the user to focus on the separation of analytes during method development.

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