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Expand your lab’s capabilities and rapidly increase coverage of a variety of in-demand metabolomics and lipid assays, while significantly reducing development times and the operating costs of running a wide range of assays. The Waters Targeted Omics Library, including the MetaboQuan-R and LipidQuan-R Rapid Targeted Omics Method packages, is an on-line database of method files and application notes for a variety of in-demand metabolite and lipid panels.

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Read more about the latest advances in proteomics this week in our themed weekly news round-up, including news regarding a new clinical market license for a predictive diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease, and a new device for in vivo real-time proteomics in surgical oncology.

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We compared recombinant trypsin to native-source in various MS workflows.
Native source trypsin is dimethylated to prevent autolysis and TPCK treated to inhibit chymotrypsin.
Native and recombinant trypsins gave similar amounts of proteins and peptides identified in a complex mixture.
TIC of a single-protein digest revealed more complete peptide processing by recombinant trypsins relative to native trypsin.
Trypsin dimethylation leads to slower processing but with fewer autolytic peptides present.

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