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Expert opinion coronavirus 2

Much of the science and healthcare news during these dire times has been disheartening. But there’s been at least one encouraging development: new COVID-19 vaccines are on track to be the fastest ever to market. And that accelerated pace might become the new normal.

Expert columns coronavirus 3

As the COVID-19 pandemic extends its reach worldwide, the demand for available, accurate testing is growing exponentially. Science News reports that COVID-19 testing has been available in limited quantities from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), but production has not been able to keep up with demand.

Video Interviews John Kolman FT

In this interview we talk to John Kolman (QPS, DE, USA) about his hopes for the future of human health care. John highlights the next steps for QPS and how important it is to be adaptive and attentive to new clients and regulations. He also discusses where he think the field will be in 5 years time and the advice he would give to a young scientist.