Immunogenicity FEATURE_panel_jan_2019

Webinar live date: Thursday 10 January 2018 07:00 [PST] 10:00 [EST] 15:00 [GMT]. In this free panel discussion, our experts will provide insights into their own research with immunogenicity including the challenges they have had to overcome, key trends they have seen and their future outlook of the development of this field.

Immunogenicity FEATURE_KCAS_Jan_2019

Webinar live date: Monday 7 January 2019 07:00 [PST] 10:00 [EST] 15:00 [GMT]. This webinar will give an overview of immunogenicity assay development, explore the impact of anti-drug antibodies on bioanalysis and review relevant case studies discussing in-study cut-point and tolerance.

Webinars FEATURE_merck_mini_webinar_sept_2018

Webinar available to view on demand. Thursday 27 September 2018. In this webinar, learn about utilizing xMAP® technology coupled with machine learning algorithms to detect polyps and early-stage colorectal cancer

Biomarkers FEATURE_Q3-spotlight-PANEL

Webinar available to view on demand. In this panel discussion, we hear from key experts in the field about their research and expertise, how they overcome key challenges associated with the technologies they work with and what they envision for the future of biomarker research and validation.

Videos Webinar image for BZ

Webinar available to view on demand. Single molecule counting (SMC™) technology enables precise measurement of molecules at levels previously undetectable, down to the femtogram/mL levels, allowing researchers to identify new biomarkers or assist in therapeutic development with an improved view of efficacy, safety and time course studies. Find out more in this video webinar from Millipore Sigma (MA, USA).

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