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0COVID-19 diagnostic test enters validation process

Researchers from Mologic Ltd (Bedford, UK) have announced that they are currently validating a COVID-19 diagnostic test with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK), St Georges’ University (London, UK).

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Expert opinioncoronavirus 2
0COVID-19 vaccine developments

Much of the science and healthcare news during these dire times has been disheartening. But there’s been at least one encouraging development: new COVID-19 vaccines are on track to be the fastest ever to market. And that accelerated pace might become the new normal.

Biomarker discoverymicrofluidic-device-red-blood-cells
0Blood-based tumor biomarker discovery

Proteomics-based tumor biomarker discovery has come a long way since the days of two-dimensional gels. A multi-biomarker panel could incorporate different classes of biomolecules so as to narrate the disease history in a holistic manner.