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0Business of bioanalysis: Bioanalysis Zone panel discussion
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Bioanalysis Zone and Bioanalysis attended the 11th WRIB meeting in Los Angeles (CA, USA) and had the opportunity to host a panel discussion with experts from leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs to discuss several contemporary topics including: emerging technologies; recurring and talent development; and mergers and acquisitions.


Novel inertial microfluidic device could enhance sorting and purification of cells

Automation in Chinese bioanalytical CROs for sustained competitiveness and growth

Validation of an integrated series of ligand-binding assays for the quantitative determination of antibody–drug conjugates in biological matrices


Researchers identify candidate biomarkers for onset of osteoporosis

Could metabolomic profiling lead to earlier diagnosis of H1N1 influenza pneumonia?

The specifics of control matrices: How far to go?


Point-of-care devices: the next frontier in personalized chemotherapy

Boehringer Ingelheim’s adalimumab biosimilar candidate enters interchangeability study with HUMIRA®

Could a blood test detect the risk of cardiovascular disease in asymptomatic patients with lupus?

Collaborations and Mergers

Brains On-Line acquired by Charles River Laboratories

LGC obtain LINK technology to enhance oligonucleotide capabilities

Thermo Fisher Scientific announces collaboration with SRI International to advance small molecule research

Data Processing / Interpretation

AYOXXA launches new beads-on-a-chip multiplex protein analysis system

Immunosensor developed for biotin detection

Could a wearable device be the key to diabetes monitoring?

Drug Discovery and Development

Recent aspects and challenges in the assessment of immunogenicity

BIOCAD’s rituximab biosimilar receives recommendation for approval in India

‘Heart-on-a-chip’ engineered by Lawrence Livermore researchers


Forensic scientists develop a new technique to distinguish the origins of bodily fluids

Disease pathogens rapidly detected by new test

Fingerprints: biological samples for identification of sex and, potentially, more


Could chemiluminescence detect cancer?

Lung cancer recurrence detected earlier by circulating tumor cell test

Brain tumor progression and response to treatment tracked by new imaging biomarker


3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid: the forgotten detection substrate for ligand-binding assay-based bioanalysis

Validation of a ligand-binding assay for active protein drug quantification following the ‘free analyte QC concept’

2016 White Paper on recent issues in bioanalysis: focus on biomarker assay validation (BAV) (Part 1 – small molecules, peptides and small molecule biomarkers by LCMS)

Mass Spectrometry

Moving from small molecule to large molecule bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS: A case study on challenges and techniques

High-resolution mass spectrometry for the quantification of biopharmaceuticals

Waters Corporation obtain licence for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry assay technology from SISCAPA


Poster presentations from the 11th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (WRIB)

BioPharmaSpec announce new in-house analytical services

TRUE-AHF is latest CRO-led international clinical trial reported to lack integrity

Regulated Bioanalysis

Study shows similarity in efficacy and safety between trastuzumab and its biosimilar candidate

FDA approval for first cancer treatment targeting solid tumors based on genetic characteristics

Pfizer’s proposed biosimilar secures approval from FDA advisory committee

Sample preparation, extraction & collection

Thermo Fisher Scientific unveil their new Samco clicktainer vials for enhanced sample protection and user safety

Infrared laser ablation, vacuum capture and mass spectrometry utilized for the analysis of fingermarks

Could a blood test accurately predict Autism?

Sports Drug Testing

Microsampling in sports drug testing – an interview with Laura Mercolini (University of Bologna)

Q&A With Monica Mazzarino & Franscisco Radler on key anti-doping issues

Special Feature on Anti-doping


Bioanalysis and toxicology challenges with ADC: how are they different and new?

Determination of propranolol and carvedilol in urine samples using a magnetic polyamide composite and LC–MS/MS

Microneedle technology: the future of drug monitoring?