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Ethical considerations in anti-doping analysis


“Everyone who participates in the effort to deter cheating, through education, research or the process of collection, testing and adjudication, is in a position to support honorable athletes in their pursuit of excellence.”

It’s helpful to remember why laboratories will be analyzing samples of urine and blood at the 2012 London Olympic Games: to give honest athletes – those who are not using banned biomedical performance enhancers – a fair chance to compete and win. Deterring those who would otherwise be tempted to cheat and catching those who do are essential components of the current anti-doping strategy. But we should never lose sight of the ultimate goal – to protect honest athletes from losing to less talented and less dedicated competitors who use surreptitious biomedical shortcuts such as testosterone, synthetic anabolic steroids, growth hormone, EPO, stimulants or other means to gain an unfair advantage.

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