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Lab-on-wheels rolls across Europe


29 January, 2013

MASStastic tour 2013 to provide “open house” opportunities for researchers.

AB SCIEX, Phenomenex and Peak Scientific recently announced the beginning of the 2013 European MASStastic Voyage. This lab-on-wheels, visiting over 20 European cities between January and April, will be relevant to scientists involved in food safety testing, drug discovery and development, clinical research, environmental analysis and biomedical research.

The collaboration of these three companies to present a mobile laboratory housing state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and separation science technology will provide information regarding new techniques, tips, demonstrations of fully functional equipment and a free breakfast seminar at every stop across Europe.

“The MASStastic Voyage is the most talked-about activity happening in the mass spectrometry industry in Europe in early 2013, and customer feedback about this tour has been extremely positive,” commented Steve Taylor, a manager in AB SCIEX’s European Market Development team. “As we run real samples while traveling thousands upon thousands of kilometers across the continent, we fully expect our instrumentation to be as rugged and reliable at the end of the tour as at the start.  We will power up and vent the instrument every day, pushing it well beyond its normal operating parameters.”

New analytical technologies will be presented such as the the AB SCIEX QTRAP® 4500 System, QTRAP® 6500 System, TripleTOF® 5600+ System, Eksigent micro LC system and Phenomenex’s Kinetex® Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC-Technology. LC–MS/MS experts from AB SCIEX, Phenomenex and Peak Scientific will be on board the mobile laboratory, providing discussions on many topic areas, such as drug discovery, environmental analysis, and small-molecule and peptide quantitation.

“The mass spectrometry expertise of AB SCIEX along with the separation science expertise of Phenomenex has proved to be a potent combination for solving the most urgent and challenging analytical needs of scientists everywhere,” said Michael McGinley, Phenomenex HPLC Product Manager.  “This mobile laboratory allows users to see the latest advances in technology and integrated solutions right at their doorstep.”

A visit of the MASStastic Voyage to the EBF Barcelona 2012 conference proved successful, attracting many academics, lab technicians and directors. In April 2013, following its European tour, the mobile lab will visit the Berliner Symposium of mass spectrometry users.

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