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5 February, 2013

The ‘Dissolution Exchange’ will be a free and interactive resource for bioanalytical researchers.

In a recent press release, US-based Agilent Technologies have announced the foundation of the ‘Dissolution Exchange’. This free and interactive web-based resource aims to provide a place “to learn about dissolution testing, solve laboratory testing challenges and discuss topics related to the dissolution industry.”

Dissolution is the technique of measuring the rate that active pharmaceutical agents are released from solids (such as pills/tablets). The exchange will provide a forum to share researcher’s acquired knowledge of this research area, along with educational resources such as tutorials and webinars. In addition, the site will provide resources such as White Papers and posters and a ‘hotline’ where dissolution-related questions will be addressed.

Agilent’s director for marketing for dissolution systems, Allan Little, explained the thoughts behind this development, “Dissolution testing is a critically important aspect of pharmaceutical testing. The Agilent Dissolution Exchange is designed to equip the global industry with tools that educate and encourage the sharing of dissolution knowledge.”

Source: Agilent Technologies introduces Dissolution Exchange, a web-based resource for the pharma industry.



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