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Antiretroviral bioanalysis methods of tissues and body biofluids


Research in the many areas of HIV treatment, eradication and prevention has necessitated measurement of antiretroviral (ARV) concentrations in nontraditional specimen types. To determine the knowledge base of critical details for accurate bioanalysis, a review of the literature was performed and summarized. Bioanalytical assays for 31 ARVs, including metabolites, were identified in 205 publications measuring various tissues and biofluids. 18 and 30% of tissue or biofluid methods, respectively, analyzed more than one specimen type; 35-37% of the tissue or biofluid methods quantitated more than one ARV. 20 and 76% of tissue or biofluid methods, respectively, were used for the analysis of human specimens. HPLC methods with UV detection predominated, but chronologically MS detection began to surpass. 40% of the assays provided complete intra- and inter-assay validation data, but only 9% of publications provided any stability data with even less for the prevalent ARV in treatments.

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