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Research organizations join to offer translational molecular imaging capabilities in one location


Partnership of MPI Research, INVICRO and 3D Imaging is anticipated to speed up drug discovery with the establishment of a new site with both imaging and vivarium facilities.

MPI Research (MI, USA), a preclinical/early clinical CRO, has entered into a strategic partnership with INVICRO (MA, USA) and 3D Imaging (AR, USA) in order to combine capabilities in molecular imaging, radiochemistry and informatics with the goal of accelerating drug discovery and development programs.

The companies, which have previously collaborated on more 100 imaging projects, aim to address the pharmaceutical industry’s demand for comprehensive imaging services in a single location with the establishment of a new molecular imaging center located at MPI Research. This will provide drug developers with access to a cyclotron facility immediately adjacent to vivarium facilities that houses species ranging from mice to nonhuman primates.

Jack Hoppin, Co-founder and Managing Partner of INVICRO, stated, “No other commercial facility in the world can offer translational molecular imaging capabilities from mice to nonhuman primates, and carbon-11 to zirconium-89, under one roof.”

According to MPI Research Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, William Parfet, the partnership is anticipated to reduce development costs for sponsors, improve candidate selection, and accelerate regulatory approval.

The new site is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2014, although many of the expanded imaging solutions, including nonhuman primate positron emission tomography and computed tomography imaging capabilities, will be available in July 2013.

Source: MPI Research, INVICRO, and 3D Imaging Announce Strategic Partnership.


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