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Poster: Faster Protein and Peptide Liquid Chromatography (FP2LC): IntroducingBIOshell™ Fused-Core® U/HPLC Columns (Sigma-Aldrich)


SA_Logo_NoOrb_R_RGBA new and broad product line for the analysis of peptides and proteins by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) is introduced under the name BIOshell Fused-Core U/HPLC columns.

As the Ascentis® Express column line for the analysis of small molecular mass compounds, BIOshell columns outperform fully porous silica-based columns of the same particle size in terms of one or more important chromatographic attributes; such as efficiency, resolution, analysis time (speed) and back pressure. By providing faster peptide and protein liquid chromatography (FP2LC), the benefits of porous-shell columns are now also available to scientists who are tasked to advance our knowledge about the living world.


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